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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How he missed all the buses, including the Nobel Prize

By Hamid Mir

ISLAMABAD: Was the fallen Pervez Musharraf living in a fool’s paradise right till the end? He may have been.

Just a few minutes before his speech he told one of his close friends that the coalition partners will start fighting with each other very soon, there will be more political instability in his absence, people will come out on the streets in the next six months and they will demand “come back Musharraf”.

That is the reason Musharraf is not leaving Pakistan. He will stay in Pakistan under heavy security and he will wait for the people to call him back. He is sadly mistaken. The people of Pakistan have already rejected him and his policies on Feb 18. They were sick of him and that was why even George W Bush abandoned him in his last days but Musharraf still thinks that Pakistan cannot survive without him.

He claimed in his Monday speech that Pakistan was about to be declared a failed state in 1999 but he rescued the country and brought a new recognition for Pakistan. He never mentioned Kargil which gave a bad name to Pakistan, he never mentioned anything about the judicial crisis that he created in 2007 and he never mentioned anything about the assassination of PPP leader Benazir Bhutto.

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