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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pre-printed 'sifarish' letter. A step above yellow slips and phone calls :)

Probably being akin to sitting PM, she knew that there will be a lot of people requiring that, specially in our rural setup,


source: we thank a fellow countryman for mass emailing it!

A story related to this letterheas has been posted in 'The News'

Amusing reactions to the letter include:

" The spouse of Mrs Nargis Makhdoom said that his wife did not write such letters and that he was an additional secretary in the National Assembly and he could have written a better letter with better results. He said that someone else was misusing the name of his wife. "

" if Nargis Makhdoom had printed such a letterhead, then she had not sought prior permission of the PM for this (Should he be even asked to permit such a letter head?). He asked for a fax copy of the letterhead. However, he did not react when a copy was faxed to him. "

" Three mobile numbers are mentioned on the letterhead and the PS to the sister of the PM confirmed that one of them was of Nargis Makhdoom. The other numbers are of her son and personal secretary. The telephone number of her home is also correctly mentioned in the letterhead. "

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