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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Shocking Mumbai terror attacks : Oberoi , Taj Mahal Hotel & Chabad (Nariman) House secured

The world witnessed one of a kind terrorist activity in Mumbai, india. Painfully shocking and equally baffling attacks led to over 160 deaths and hundreds injured. From RiseOfPakistan blog team, LUMS students & Alumni, and Pakistani' s in general we console the families of the dead and the citizens of Mumbai. The heinous terrorist attacks aimed at destroying the urban fibre of one of the bigget and busiest cities in the world, and certainly to terrify and intimidate soon to be most populace nation, are tragic, deplorable and condemnable.

No city can probably brace for such an organised and disruptive activity. Mumbaikers as well as us watching the tragedy unfold on TV, were no doubt shocked beyond imagination. It's a sigh of relief to know that, finally, the painful ordeal is over.

Brought up in Karachi during troubled 90's and being in Lahore/Islamabad during the current wave of terror attacks, one can relate to what the Mumbaikers went through. It was certainly harsh and terrifying. If compared, hat happenned in Mumbai, to what our cities had been through, this single incident probably surpasses any individual terrorist activity. I just hope that its the end of this kind of experience for the people on the other side of the border, and they dont go through the continous and serial attacks that we are going through these days.

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Akeel ur Rehman Faridee said...

No one can justify these attacks and claim to be sensible/not insane, at the same time. We need to fight this lawlessness together ... BUT to remove lawlessness we NEED to strengthen the LAW itself. And the LAW which is supposed to ensure peace, MUST be based on JUSTICE. With injustice being in place we cannot fight this kind of lawlessness effectively.

AND, Indian Govt. and media should not blame Pakistan (prematurely without any proofs) just for political gains and to sell their news. This kind of attitude is not helpful to bring peace in the region.

We all know that Pakistan itself is going through a very difficult time. The elements involved in Balochistan and NWFP are not a big secret. People of Pakistan and India must recognize the tricks of politicians to cover their inability to assure the security of their citizens.