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Thursday, January 29, 2009

SOAS Students in Solidarity with Gaza

SOAS barged in the BBC offices and protested against the network's biased coverage of Israeli military's slaughter in Gaza.

They were forcefully removed by the police from the premises.

here is the entry by an SOAS member:

Called within just a few hours and hardly built at all, about 50 or 60 protesters turned up to BBC on Portland place to protest about the disgraceful decision not to air the DEC appeal.

We got there a bit early and decided to storm the entrance leaving the police behind. We immediately sat down, linked arms and started chanting. We had a lot of support from BBC staff entering the building (i hope they can pull of a strike over this) by sort-of sneaky thumbs up when no-one was looking. the video below shows a small quiet period but really, it had a very good impact. Loads of press turned up, I'm just waiting for the reports to stream in!!

I was on BBC World Service and had to deal with an idiot Zionist who tried, somehow, to tie in Iran and their supposed nuclear weapons!!
and in response to a press release by BBC:

(italics my own-there is a definite case of contradictory conscience/reporting here)
Around 20 (i would say there was 12 of us inside!!) campaigners from the Stop the War Coalition SOAS StW society walked into the lobby of the central London building with a large banner proclaiming Hands off Gaza (the only banner we could find!)

They were removed by police before continuing a noisy protest outside, during which some of them set fire to their television licences.

source: SOAS blog(

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