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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pakistan's Valid Questions, India's Stubborn Response

ISLAMABAD, Feb 9: Pakistan has described the information provided by India on the Mumbai attacks as ‘insufficient’ to reach a logical conclusion and bring the alleged perpetrators to justice.

Reviewing a report prepared by the Federal Investigation Agency, the defence committee of the cabinet headed by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani decided on Monday that Pakistan would also send a dossier to India with several questions required for investigation into the case.

Official sources told Dawn that the dossier had been drafted and would be sent to New Delhi in a couple of days.

India, it may be mentioned, has categorically rejected Pakistan’s claim that the information contained in its dossier was ‘insufficient’ and announced that it would not provide any further information to Pakistan.

In its dossier Pakistan seeks reports of DNA tests of Ajmal Kasab — the lone surviving perpetrator of the Mumbai attacks and nine others reportedly killed by Indian security personnel so that they could be matched with their family members, if any, in Pakistan.

Pakistan, according to the sources, also seeks information about weapons used by terrorists and details of mobile phone calls made by them and reportedly taped by Indian security forces.

Pakistan also demands information regarding I P addresses from which emails were sent to attackers by alleged perpetrators.

In the dossier, Pakistan also seeks access of Pakistani investigators to the Indians who also were believed to be involved in the attacks in order to interrogate them. There is a strong realisation in Pakistani security agencies that without the help of elements in India, the Mumbai crime could have not been committed.

Pakistan also urges India to provide details about Indian Navy officials who were reportedly killed by terrorists when they violated Indian territorial waters.

Pakistan has also decided to register a case against perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks to bring them to justice in accordance with the law of the land.
Full story on Ball back in Delhi’s court: Answer sought to queries raised in FIA report -DAWN - Top Stories; February 10, 2009

I'd say the indian response is premature and irresponsible as well.
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