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Monday, March 16, 2009

CJ to be reinstated, Governor Rule & Governor to be changed

The unprecedented show of public force by the participants of the Long March has led to a recent breaking development Media reported with reference of Chaudhry Nisar (N-League) senior party member, that accord between Govt. & Long March participants has been reached, and.........Chief Justice Of Pakistan, Justice Iftikhaar Mohammad Chaudhry ...........will be reinstated, with full powers.

PM Yousuf Raza Gilani is expected to come on TV and announce it, officially.

The poeple's power and the politicial maturity of this nation has proven once and for all, that we can rise upto the occassion, make it clear what we want for ourselves, we can demand and decide what kind of a future we want to have for ourselves.

Good show this nation, I hope that we will continue to stand upto the occassion and will act, will be out on streets, and no force would be allowed to trample on our rights, constitution and our lives.

Long Live Pakistan, Long Live People Of Pakistan

As soon as official announcement comes in, we will update RiseOfPakistan with it, Being in Rawalpindi, I will be joining Student Action Commitee's karavan enroute from Lahore.

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