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Monday, March 30, 2009

Silent streets may lead to an assumption of support for terrorists, Time to raise our voice

The bloodbath incited by terrorist organisations boiled over today, when an alleged 20 or so terrorists attacked the Manawan Police Academy just outside Lahore.

It has been reported that at-least 26 people have been killed. The paramilitary operation still continues, and unconfirmed reports of more deaths and hostages are being aired on TV.

Dramatic terrorist attacks are taking place all over the country. A DCO and former Zilla Nazim were killed yesterday in Bannu, and a bomb blast killed many in a mosque in Peshawar. The ANP minister and supporter of Swat peace deal Mr. Billour escaped an attempt on his life a few days ago. and surely every one remembers the attack on Sril Lankan team at the start of this month. Not to mention the countless skirmishes between security forces and armed militants in various parts of Tribal belt, Dir, Swat & Bannu

While every one at individual level has been seen condemning these attacks, an organised public voice against these attacks has yet to be seen. Political leaders, political parties, Human Rights watchdogs, Lawyers, students or labourer unions, or the Civil Society in general has yet to register an organised condemnation of these activities.

One of the many reasons that many people turn thier eyes away considering it not a homegrown issue but an anti-Pakistan elements(RAW/Mosad) incited attempt to destabilize Pakistan. True there isn't a definite yes or no answer to this fear, but whatever the case, it is the local people who are carrying out these attacks. Local armed groups are being used to commit these horrific crimes against humanity. We need to show it to them, that even there fellow believers and countrymen codemn these and do not support there actions.

It's now more than clearly known that the current wave of suicide bombings and armed attacks and sectarian violence originate from the safe helms of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan(TTP) in NWFP. Many argue that they are doing it in some justified and glorified pro-Islamic holy war against the Enemies of Islam, but, what animosity do the young teenage police recruits have with Islam? or for that matter the innocent prayer offering people in a Peshawar Mosque?

Need of the hour is, that, we as a nation, as a civil society, which has shown in past 2 years that it is politically active and aware, need to come out on streets, show that we do not approve of it. It will help create an awareness amongst the people in general that these atrocities are inhumane and have no seal of approval from the rest of the nation.

We also need to show it to the elements in power, President, P.M., Chief ministers, Police officials and the military chain of command, and decision makers that they have the backing of the nation to do something about this. Many critics and commentators point out to a reluctance on part of Govt. & Military to go on an all out offensive against these elements fearing a public backlash on such a Military Operation. We need to show it to them as well, that people are behind them to eradicate this menace which is costing us lives of hundreds of people every month and livelihood of thousands of them.

We need to show to the ones committing these atrocities that people in general do not approve of it, and they are not being supported by the silent majority.

Silence on streets can lead to an assumption that many in our society approve of these high handed tactics, and want these religious extremist elements to rescue us from the whims of this 'Kaafirana' democratic system, and bring about a religious revolution, at any cost and save us all.

It's high time, this nation must break the silence against these attacks and elements which have cost Pakistan more than 3000 lives(not including military, terrorst or infamous drone attack victims), and the number is rising.

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