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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Donate for IDPs from Swat

As Pakistan is in the middle of the "War against Terror", there is a huge operation going on in the beautiful valley of Swat. There is an estimate that this operation can force 1.5 million people to leave their homes. There are four big refugee camps set up in order to provide shelter to these displaced Pakistanis. Other than that people have also taken shelter in different schools and government buildings.
There is no need to elaborate on the living conditions in the camps. One more important fact is that number of children under the age of seven is equivalent to the number of adults in these camps.
Right now, they require medicines and powdered milk in large quantities, along with other basic needs that include camps, quilts, mattresses, food items, water, pedestal fans, etc.
We at LUMS have set up a website which allows you to donate to this cause and we will ensure that your money is well spent and reaches the affected.

You can donate online as well as through conventional means (cash, cheque, bank draft).

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