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Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Dying Symphony by Akmal Khan on Mianwali / Essa Khel musical culture and challenges it faces

Essa Khel (A sub-district in West Punjab), part of Mianwali District, has an illustrious history of producing musical geniuses. The area situated on banks of the mighty Indus River, has music, rag, folk lore, poetry & compositions rivaled by none other in Pakistan.

This short movie by Akmal Khan, presented in Film Festivat "Culture Unplugged" is a brilliant summrization of its musical genius. An area where music had replaced the gun/violence culture around a few decades ago, is again threatened by emergence of religious etremism in the area. The music is facing the biggest threat since it became popular country wide.

Must watch, beautiful, and above all, brilliant "Saraiki" sound over.

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Akmal said...

Dear Muhammad Ali,

Thanks for Posting my Video at your Blog