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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Conspiracy theory is it?

Check out these series of international news relating Pakistan's matter to the global world. Is there an evident connection? I'd say yes. Why is US, UK and the globalization forces so hot for Pakistan that BB's assassination would call for an emergency UN meeting? Would Pakistan make a better base for attack on Iran? Is Pakistan a truly dangerous place for Israel because of it's nuclear capabilities? Is Musharraf so naive to blame to attack on Al-qaeda in the wake of digital video phones in everyone's hands? Or is this his way of saying that it's the same american script. anything goes wrong, blame it on alqaeda. Is he trying to tell us in a subtle way that US did it. The situation is too confusing, but the only direct beneficiary seems to be the globalization forces, and the only losers, everyone else in the world, especially the poor muslims!!

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Zeeshan Ali Rana said...

yes juny IT IS... this will convince all the allies of amrica (includin pakistan) in its so called 'War on Terror'... now america will ask for an attack on pakistan n 'the ghairatmand, brave n wise'mush will say "No, we r capable enuff to fight these guys, u dont need to target them in our territories without our consent" america will keep pressurizing n mush will keep killing his own ppl. after some days mush will agree on joint operations in the 'suspected areas' n soon the time will come when pakistani ppl in western provinces will demand separation... n according to plan of the globalization forces, new boundaries will be drawn... keep sleepin pakistanis... those days r not far, they r just approachin... u've proved urself the most feeble nation... i think the said forces will win well b4 their target since u r the easiest to defeat... courtesy the 'GREAT PAKISTANI ARMY' who has a major role in all these developments... i've started disliking this army now btw :(... they can win against us (the unarmed civilians) only (as they did in pre 1971 era by killin bangalis)... i m forcefully keepin myself from using real harsh words for them since there r good officers in them too...

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