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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Musharraf regime butchered Benazir, right in your face

By: Abid Ullah Jan published a story by Syed Adeeb on October 31, 2007. The story says in biref:

“Why did Azaz Syed, Najam Sethi and the Daily Times editors deliberately plant a false ‘news’ story in the Daily Times newspaper about fictitious “suicide” bomb attacks on Benazir Bhutto by the fake “suicide bombers” of Baitullah Mehsud? ”

Why? Well now we know. It had already BEEN DECIDED BACK IN OCTOBER ATLEAST

1) to assassinate BB, and

2) blame Baitullah for it.

That story was put there to sow the seed in peoples head that Baitullah wanted BB dead. Pure and simple. Soon, Baitullah will be killed too — you can’t have a patsy running around — the Oswalds in these scripts must die.

That certainly was a completely fabricated story, just like the current "claim". Baitullah denied it; the senator who supposedly passed the info to Daily Times denied it. Najam Sethi’s boss is a current federal minister in Mush’s caretaker govt. They are all are "Neocons-Zionist mercenaries of Pakistan's secular press" and do what their masters ask of them.

By the way, Baitullah has already issued a statement denying he had anything to do with the BB’s assassination, saying they do not attack women as it is against their moral code.

About the pictures released by the regime:

1. Looking at the x-ray, it is too big a fracture to have occurred the way it is described. Also note that if one is to believe the official version, even then it IT HAD TO BE a glancing blow to the skull and for that to cause such a fracture how much force/speed would be required to cause a fracture like that???

2. About the other full-skull X-ray, what is that big white spot in the middle? Could be a camera flash, but is not visibly centered in the other close-up shot above. A doctor wrote to “I have seen many x-rays but never seen an effect even close to that.”

3. Looking at the picture of the car seat how could an injury such as the one described cause so much bleeding? You might observe the seat is all soaked and a lot of blood has dripped over. Can anyone tell if those leather seats? PPP officials who accompany Benazir in the car rejected the government’s fabrications as a “pack of lies.”

“It is baseless. It is a pack of lies,” Farooq Naik, Ms Bhutto’s top lawyer and a senior official in her Pakistan People’s Party, told AFP.

“Two bullets hit her, one in the abdomen and one in the head,” Mr Naik said. “Bhutto’s personal secretary Naheed Khan and party official Makhdoom Amin Fahim were in the car and they saw what happened,” he said.

4. Why no x-ray of the neck area or chest area have been released as those two areas were first reported to be where she sustained bullet wounds? Looking at the video and the proximity of the shooter, how is possible he would have missed all three shots?

Benazir is dead, whether it was because of gun shots or due to banging her head against the sunroof. Why has it become so important for the regime to prove through releasing "evidence" that it was not due to gunshots. The only reason is that such precise shooting leads to the professionalism of the killer, who completed his job so neatly amid such hustle and bustle around her car. The professionalism of the killers directly leads to sofistication and direct involvement of SSG in the operation silence Benazir.

And the taped conversation between a Maulvi and Baitullah makes one laugh. That is beyond ridiculous. If they intercepted the message, why didn't they go get him as in it he says at whose house he is....What more could you ask for??

Source: DictatorshipWatch

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