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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Musharraf made Pakistan a mockery - Nawaz

SUKKUR, Pakistan, Dec 24 (Reuters)
President Musharraf made the country an international laughing stock by purging the judiciary after he imposed emergency rule in November, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said Monday. Sharif took his campaign for January 8 elections to Sindh province. “Musharraf has made us a mockery by sacking the judiciary,” Sharif told a crowd of about 3,000 at a rally in the main market area of Sukkur town on the Indus river. “We are a laughing stock all over the world, even in India. We have to liberate our country of dictators,” he said. Of the judges ousted by Musharraf, Sharif said, “these judges are our heroes…it is our commitment that we will restore these judges at any cost.” In Sukkur, flags and posters of Benazir's party bedecked walls around the market where Sharif spoke. He did not appear hopeful of winning seats in Sindh. “We've never won a National Assembly seat from Sukkur but I still love the people of Sukkur and Sindh ... they've always supported the democratic forces,” he told the crowd.

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