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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ppl sacrificed animals, caretakers sacrificed decency on eid

Every muslim sacrificed to his/her potential on this eid-ul-azha... a few sacrificed camels, many did cows, some sacrificed bakras and dumbaas... the officials in caretaker govt. of Pakistan sacrificed something we don't usually see being sacrificed on holy events like eid... Decency is what they sacrificed... they did not let the judges and their families leave the colony for eid prayers. They had to offer eid prayers inside the colony which was locked and was surrounded by riot police so that the 'free to move' judges cannot move freely. The govt. also violated its own orders by re-arresting aitzaz early morning on eid. I wonder where has the sharam and ghairat gone??? The govt. officials keep claiming that there r no restrictions on judges, they r free to offer prayers... but a fotograph on dawn website shows a 4 row eid prayer, with approx. 16 ppl in each row... is it what eid prayers are meant for?... mush u r introducin a new islam, a new concept of 'ijtimaaiat'... u might get an award for peace but u'll win the hatred of muslim in return, the bad-duas of the besieged, the curse of ur evil doings and ghazab of Allah in return inshaAllah... man usually a jama'at for juma prayers is larger than this jama'at for eid :(... see the foto and the story on Dawn website

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