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Monday, March 31, 2008

2006 Letter to Musharraf

From: Dr. Khalid Luqman Chaudhry []
Sent: 27 September 2006 21:27
Subject: We will remove Musharraf with the power of the people: Nawaz Sharif

My dear friends, AOA
General Musharaf's book "In the line of fire," and his various interviews and press conferences, have brought to mind the following questions. Questions General Musharaf must answer, I 'm sure you'll agree.
1. If Richard Armitage, the then US Assistant Secretary of State, threatened to Bomb Pakistan and send it back to stone age, why did you hide the threat from the nation and what prompted you to share it now…besides the release of your book?
2. General Musharaf has been telling the Pakistani nation that his cooperation with the USA in the fight against terrorism is not because of any threat but was his decision for the national interes of Pakistan. What is the real reason?
3. He said in the book that millions of dollars were paid to the government of Pakistan for providing the names of terrorists, apprehending them, and handing over to US government. Later he told Wolf Blitzer that funds were provided to individuals who were informers. Can you answer,
a) Where is the money? How was it given to the individuals? Was it given in Pakistan or deposited in foreign accounts.
b) How much was your share. Was it deposited in your bank account in Pakistan , in USA or your brother's/ Son's/nephew's account in Boston/ New Jersey?
c) How many more Pakistani people are going to be sold by you in the name of the fighting terrorism?
4. Writing a book while being the Chief of Army Staff and President is unprecedented. What prompted you to do so knowing that it is against the nation's interest and the confidentiality/secrecy act? Why would you tell the world, even if it was true, that Pakistan did not have an operational delivery system at the time of nuclear detonation? Don't you think that proves you to be self serving and irresponsible? Isn't this an act of treason?
5. In your book, you mentioned Dr. Qadeer as self-centered, selfish and the problem in nuclear proliferation. Can you tell the nation that how come Dr. Qadeer Khan stole all the secrets and plans and even the heavy Centrifuges alone by himself while being strictly guarded by SPD.
6. You lied about the facts about Kargil. You mentioned that Kargil brought Kashmir issue at limelight. You are wrong. Pakistan's position on Kashmir is weakened now than ever. Please look the facts.
a). Indian Government's posture about Kashmir is the same as it was prior to October 12, 1999. Actually it had softened when India 's prime minister A B Vajpayee cameto Minaar e Pakistan , Lahore . Then it got stiffen again after you invaded Kargil.
b). You flip flopped on UN resolutions on Kashmir , time and again thus weakened the core issue.
c). United States and Europeans have done nothing to facilitate the process. Actually India has been emboldened by United States nuclear deal with India. What you got from USA was a promise of cooperation for Pakistan only. Personally you got your friendship with president Bush strengthened.
d). You have divided the Kashmiri freedom movement leaders. Hurriat Conference became two factions. Thanks to you. You have accepted India's assertion of Kashmiri freedom fighters as the terrorists.
e). You let India complete the fence at line of control hence accepting it as a border.
f). You let India start and pursue the construction of Bagliar dam project for three years and then brought it to the attention of World Bank. It was too late then.
And that is not all; there are a lot more questions that need answers. You can begin by answering these for the Pakistani people.
Anxiously awaiting answers,
Dr. Khalid Luqman
:: London Instituete Of South Asia ::
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