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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Constitutional package fails to impress lawyers

The proposed 18th amendment to the Constitution has apparently failed to address the core issue of restoring the superior judiciary to its Nov 2 (2007) position, Bar representatives said here on Monday....


The lawyers and the people at large, the representatives said, were confident that the new democratic government would undo the provisional constitution order (PCO) of Nov 3, 2007, and restore the judiciary. The hopes were belied as the new rulers started dancing to the tunes of dictatorship. However, the lawyers would frustrate all moves to oust the deposed judges and retain those who took oath under the PCO, they vowed.

The representatives expressed their concern at US interference in a purely internal issue like the reinstatement of judges. “The people of Pakistan are in a position to decide for themselves as evident from their vote against dictatorship in the Feb 18 polls.” They appealed to lawyers and civil society to observe a ‘black day’ on the arrival of US envoy Negroponte in Islamabad.

KARACHI: Constitutional package fails to impress lawyers -DAWN - Local; May 27, 2008
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