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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MQM chief calls for reconciliation :)

Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain has asked all political and religious parties and lawyers’ bodies to pursue the policy of reconciliation because the economic crises confronting the nation require understanding and tolerance among all parties.
My Comment: Altaf saab yehi baat zara apnay mush saab ko bhi keh dein... bohut zid ho gayee ab judges ko insanon ki tarah waapis aa jaanay day...

In a statement issued from London on Monday, he said that the continuing rise in oil prices, shortage of foodstuff and increase in prices of staple food had taken the shape of a ‘silent Tsunami’.

“The rocketing price of staple food is driving poor people to commit suicides and, regrettably, our politicians are not paying attention to basic problems of the common man,” he said.

sarkar, i agree tht the country is facin the economic crisis... but whts its cause??? did u try to find out? in politicians per ilzaam na lagayein... inko to abhi aaye huay juma juma 8 din huay hain... aapki ally govt. and aap k ally mush ki nigraan govt. ki phainti lagnay waali hai jisnay yeh sab maslay kharay kiye.... mush said, agar hum amreeka ki madad na kertay to woh hamein pathhar k dor mein bhaij deta... ab aap konsay dor mein baithay hain???? kia aap pathhar k dor ki taraf nahi ja rahay??? iski wajah us 1 banday ki zid n bewaqoofi hai... aap usko pase pusht daal rahay hain... agar ab judge bahaal na huay to in future konsa judge steel mill koRyon kay mol biknay se rokay ga????? kon army take over kay khilaaf khara ho ker halaf uthanay se inkaar karay ga???? koi nahi... yeh political parties bhi mush ki games ki wajah se consensus nahi ker pa rahi hain janab.... aankhein kholein... insaan banein...

The MQM leader said that the stock exchange index continued to plunge, making the entire business community jittery and uncertainty was forcing businessmen to transfer capital out of the country.

Mr Hussain said that the US and Nato countries had expressed their dissatisfaction over the country’s political state of affairs while extreme dangers were looming over the borders.He regretted that politicians, instead of striving for improving the economic condition, were busy with issues which “remotely concern the 98 per cent people of middle class and down-trodden segments of society.

“Even during this dangerously delicate situation we are resorting to politics of agitation and demonstrations while the situation demands seriousness and resolution of conflicts through understanding and reconciliation and avoiding confrontations.”

keh dekho kon raha hai :) "...avoiding confrontations" :)

The MQM leader directed volunteers of the Khidmat-i-Khlaq Foundation (KKF) to take steps to provide flour and rice to needy families.
MQM chief calls for reconciliation -DAWN - Top Stories; May 27, 2008
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