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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bomb recks havoc in Islamabad....

A truck full of explosive materials hit the famous "Marriot" hotel in the heart of Islamabad at around 7:30 pm on Saturday, causing deaths & injuries to the people in vicinity.

As I see the details coming on various local & international news channels/websites all I could infer was the loss of lives is the least this particualr balst has done. I hope not, but it seems probable that there will be ramifications of this blast.

First things first, already many people were asking of Pakistan's involvement on the War on terror, while there are primarily two prevailing thoughts i.e. 1. We should be part of it as we have to deal with local and foriegn militia's gathering in force in our tribal regions sooner or later, 2. No, its not our problem and by playing a role in this war, we will be in harm's way, bringing destruction to our cities.

This blast will shift the balance in favour of the second argument even more. As a short term resolution seems to be to turn our face away from it, and save our own skin. In the meanwhile owing to International pressure, I believe it will not be an easy thing to do. With Unipolar world and its pressure tactics on one side, and a nation always at their whim, this decision is impossible in current situation.

So the ever rising resentment against the government will be further rising. It will definitely put this young setup to a lot of stress.

Also I personally belive that there is a need to seperate militant elements from the local tribes. The American Involvement on this side of border is not helping it. The recruitment slogan is very simple "Let's fight the greater Satan".

The Governor, Army & newer political setup had successfully seprated the vigilantes in Khyber agency from people. and then with the cooperation of tribal elders, they were able to contain the menace and eventually route it out.

Now if American troops would have entered Khyber agency, it wouldnt have been possible. The locals and tribal elders would have sided along side the militia, cuz they would prefer to fight against the foriegn agressors, rather than among themselves any day of the week.

Now, after this blasts the two situation, will go from bad to worse. The general public will call for distancing Pakistan from War on Terror. If the government does that, Americans would definitely, in effort to stop the attacks in Afghanista, target our tribal belt. This will give rise to more n more tribes aligning themselves with anti american militia's, in the same time strengthening them.

If the Government doesnt distance itself from the War on Terror, with each attack, there will be moer outcry of doing so. More and more people will be raising there voice to persuade the governement of doing so. This can lead to another street movement against American agression & inability of our government to make the hard decision.


awahid said...

we are not afraid and we live like nothing really matters to us.
Almost every country faces these types of terrorist attacks. Pakistan is a country who fights war against the terrorism.

aZ said...

Well, not ALL countries face hundreds of bombings a year. Secondly, maybe it's our war OF terror that is responsible for this?