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Friday, September 19, 2008

Lost cause

In all the political juggling and manouvers we have lost two very important things crucial to our country's two provinces......i.e Balouchistan & Frontier.

Alaskan model proposed for Balouchistan was commendable, Any local produce will be owned by the province 80% and Federal Govt. 20%. This would have restored the confidence of Balouch people in Federal Govt. and things might have been moved forward, positively.

The identity issue of NWFP population was addressed by the name change to 'Pakhtoonkha', and deprivation issue with the better distribution of Water & Energy royalty among NWFP(as its still the official name) & Punjab.

But the political manouvers led to two pre-conditions, resignation of the then President & restoration of Judges.

Even when one is done and the other not being done, we dont hear any voice regarding these matters.

We cannot solve the foreign policy issues untill we dont have the confidence of the local people, and to regain that, we will have to address their issues. situation in Balouchistan & Frontier would have been way better if the earlier would have been done.

As an example consider the Mangal Bagh issue, it wouldnt have been where it is today, if Khyber Agency locals wouldnt have cooperated, isnt it?

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