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Monday, November 17, 2008

Sangota school no more there ........

source: A dear friend & a colleague, from Swat shared this poem & video. To reach out to many more, here it is.

This time I visit the shady town,
I see no smiles but faces frowned.

The little girl has asked me too,
where will she go for things to learn.

If they will come
and you will let the schools to burn.

O little girl, your little wish ,
your little prayers
will make amends and do repairs.

your little step to that old school
will make us smile and make us rule.

O God,
the winter snow has covered the mountain's peak.
in our favor, we request you to speak.

O God,
they are evil let them know,
with punishment and a vow.

Video Link: (couldnt embedd it in blog post, for unkown reasons)

A summarized translation of the Pushto voice over:

"It was the best School in Swat made in 1965 known for its Discipline, quality of teaching and all the traits a good school has. It was a sanctuary to 1000 students and over. People would be proud of admitting their kids in this school. This school produced many doctors, engineers, scholars, ambassadors & politicians. But the most important thing is that it is one of the hundreds of schools burnt down or blown up."

Summarizing what the burqa clad student said: " They haven't destroyed the school, They have destroyed future of over 1,000 students. If you blow up Govt. Schools, who will provide for our education? "

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