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Monday, November 17, 2008

in response to 'Things will get better in Swat' comment.......

Things wont get better unless people in Swaat are empowered themselves. Ever since it's annexation to NWFP, the employment opportunities, state services, educational institutes, industry, communnication, infrastructre, precious stone mining, the standard of living in general and the blood line of the valley, tourism, have been neglected. More and ... Read Moremore locals have to get out to major cities in search of these basic amenities of life.

Now the law and order. It has been bitterly used as a showcase for the western world by the previous military govt. that how big a threat the religious extremist are, not doing anything until the new Gen. took office. Unlike rest of the province, Swaat has no gun culture, no local jirga or civilian vigilantees. The local police was and still is too weak to encounter organised terrorism. Military presence is a temporary solution, which gives the other party a pretext to attack the peace loving people of valley.

Girl schools are nothing but symbolic targets. They are actually attacking the way of life people have adopted there which includes letting there girls get educated and become more contributing members of society.

Swaat used to be the most modern, progressive and peaceful of all states in sub-continent. Untill removal of its statehood, life there thrived. People had embraced a way of life which helped them progress. They left every one in that vicinity far behind both in cultural & economic progress. And, that is the reason for attacking, demolishing Swaat's way of life. The message is clear, 'Remain whatever you are like, Dont let your girls study, dont embrace the hospitals & roads, dont let someone use a computer,if you do like the Swatians did, you'll not be left alone.'

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