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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Anti-Emergency Protest @ LUMS - 05 Nov 2007, Black Day at LUMS

On Campus Protest

Student rally at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) against the imposition of a state of emergency in Pakistan. More than 500 students participated in this protest. This was the huge gathering, ever observed in the history of LUMS.

This is the rally on the campus, but students are determined to organized themselves into a 'Student Community' just like the 'Lawyer Community'. So, it was decided to contact the activists in other universities (especially the public universities) of Lahore to demonstrate a huge protest outside the campuses, together.

Participation in Lahore High-Court Protest
Another batch of students had demonstrated outside the high courts where the police charged at them with batons and attacked them. Since i was one of those students (alongwith three of my friends Murtaza, AZ and Butt), i witnessed the brutal/fatal attack of 'State Licensed Gangsters' i.e. Police and the 'angels' in civil who made sure that no one goes without a wound, but we made it ... Luminites were the only students who showed up there at Lahore HighCourt.

Faculty of LUMS
Three members of the LUMS faculty - Aasim Sajjad Akhtar (Social Sciences), Bilal Minto (Law) and Ali Cheema (Economics) were placed under arrest and are charged under the section 144, they were sent to Kot Lakhpat Jail to spent night because the Magistrate refused to accept their bail.

Black Day
Black day was observed by the students of LUMS, all the students wore 'Black' clothes to tell the world that, 'not even a single community of Pakistan is ready to accept Gen. Musharaf's dictatorship, anymore'. So Go Musharaf Go was heard all over the campus, loud and clear.

Whats today ?
Today right at 1:25 PM sharp, student will rally again within the campus before that 'Student Action Committee' will announce the schedule/strategy/dates for off campus.

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