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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Justice Iftikhar rejects Musharraf blames to justify 'Emergency'

ISLAMABAD:Former Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry has rejecting the blames leveled by President General Pervez Musharraf to justify declaration of emergency.

The rulers had feared that Supreme Court would give decree in Musharraf eligibility contrary to their wishes so they imposed emergency in the country, Justice Iftikhar said.

Iftikhar Chaudhry was addressing the lawyers first time after imposition of the emergency. He said that thecharges framed by President Musharraf against SupremeCourt are baseless and unfounded.

Declaration of emergency has damaged the constitution, he said, adding that Supreme Court had always worked within constitutional framework.

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Ali Ahsan said...

I know, we have no experience of reacting to such situation, but we must learn and react. We must stop the martial law in its early days. Otherwise, we will loose passion day by day and the brutal forces would keep kidnapping those who want to do something resulting in a long dark night.

The situation demands our actions in two directions i.e.
1. Awareness / Concern raising
2. Concrete steps leading to the restoration of judiciary and the constitution.

For 1, we can do one or more from the following (more ideas welcome)
- Writing to/on international media like cnn, bbc, cnbc, reuters, newsweek, washington post etc. so that the external pressure can be exerted on the general.
- Writing on blogs
- Writing emails to your frieds around
- Putting condemnation banners on the website that you own/run or you people around you own/run

For 2, we can do one or more from the following (more ideas welcome)
- Contributing financially
+ so that we can take care of the families of the unjustly detained civilians (even lawyers, journalists and LUMS faculty members have been arrested) and pursue those detained.
+ for banners, slogans, placards etc.
- Organize people around us to make numbers before going out on streets.
- Keep our anger alive and keep our morale high by discussing the situation on regular basis and by watching the videos show attrocities of the brutal government.
- Boycott the figure heads of the current setup socially and economically.

We at LUMS are trying to coordinate with other such bodies formed after the situation so that the a coordinated protest can be launched. I believe, if few thousand people sit on Shahrah-e-Dastoor for two days, this govt will fall.

Remember that movements require sacrifice, and we shall be ready to sacrifice even our lives.

Lets unite to save our country and give our children a better tomorrow.

Mahd said...

Lets look at the hidden agenda of the despot. Briefly How He Is Destroying The Institutions, One By One:

1.Humiliation of Pakistan's no.1 Nuclear Scientist Mr AbdulQadeer and demoralizing the rest for scientific pursuits.Not many are now encouraged to become or join the Nuclear Sciences.Eventually this field will dry up in Pakistan.

2.Destruction of Civil Services by abolishing District Commisioning System.Giving unbridled power to the police and raising brute uncouth Local Bodies representatives.

3.Polluting the moral fabric of society by giving leeway to obscenity and lewdness and promoting nudity and amorality in the name of enlightened moderation.Also changing the curriculum and syllabus of early school and madrassah systems under the same garb.

4.Selling useful and profit oriented Government Assetts.Increasing the inflation and cost of living to the extent thereby forcing the majority to just keep on worrying about making the two ends meet.Also encouraging consumerism and trapping the middle class in debts and loans.
5.Intimidating and undermining the Judiciary.No law, no justice.

6.Maintaining a RubberStamp Legislature and keeping the governmental resources,machinery and agencies in keeping the limp opposition divided and ineffective.

7.Curbing the informative part of media and letting loose the rest.

8.Behind the scene Compromise on Kashmir.

AND Now trying to perputate this agenda through declaring emergency to silence the awakening civil society.

We neither have oil like Arabia neither technology like America nor Hardworking mentality like China.I am afraid that if we didnt undermine this hidden agenda by taking a stand now, we might end up like Palestinian State.