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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What can we do in the state of Martial Law

I know, we have no experience of reacting to such situation, but we must learn and react. We must stop the martial law in its early days. Otherwise, we will loose passion day by day and the brutal forces would keep kidnapping those who want to do something resulting in a long dark night.
The situation demands our actions in two directions i.e.
1. Awareness / Concern raising2. Concrete steps leading to the restoration of judiciary and the constitution.
For 1, we can do one or more from the following (more ideas welcome)
 - Writing to/on international media like cnn, bbc, cnbc, reuters, newsweek, washington post etc. so that the external pressure can be exerted on the general.
 - Writing on blogs - Writing emails to your frieds around
 - Putting condemnation banners on the website that you own/run or you people around you own/run

For 2, we can do one or more from the following (more ideas welcome)
 - Contributing financially
      + so that we can take care of the families of the unjustly detained civilians (even lawyers, journalists and LUMS faculty members have been arrested) and pursue those detained.
      + for banners, slogans, placards etc.
 - Organize people around us to make numbers before going out on streets.
 - Keep our anger alive and keep our morale high by discussing the situation on regular basis and by watching the videos show attrocities of the brutal government.
 - Boycott the figure heads of the current setup socially and economically.

We at LUMS are trying to coordinate with other such bodies formed after the situation so that the a coordinated protest can be launched. I believe, if few thousand people sit on Shahrah-e-Dastoor for two days, this govt will fall.

Remember that these movements require sacrifice, and we shall be ready to sacrifice even our lives.

Lets unite to save our country and give our children a better tomorrow.


Mahrukh said...

I really wish people living in Pakistan come out on streets and reject this emergency and Musharraf's rule.I wish I could join you guys if I would have been in Pakistan.I hope you guys get a lot of people.Good luck and God bless

Anonymous said...


It's our duty. I am ready. Plan the protest, i am with you.


Anonymous said...

Lets start an SMS campaign, urging people to wear a Black armband and put a black cloth on our car's antenna till the emergency last.

Imagine the power of this silent protest wen every other youngster on street and each vehicle on road is wearing black.