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Monday, November 5, 2007

'Elected King'

H.E. Gen. Musharraf is not guilty of wht happened on november 03, 2007 the 'brightest' day in Pakistan. It is the judiciary which is the root cause. The interesting address of H.E. clearly showed how patient he had been, n how severely the judicial system has damaged Pakistan's stability. The judiciary was sheltering Pakistani citizens... err 'terrorists 'arrested by the security agencies either without any charge (since terrorists need not b charged) or on serious charges like 'he shook hands with a man who was sitting with a man who was found buying a cap from a shop near which a very close friend of Osama was seen 3 years ago'. This was not the only crime committed by the judiciary. It did not accept the decision of 'The King' when he sacked the little CJ of Pakistan on some 'serious' grounds.

The judiciary was guilty of standing united and strong against the peaceful visits of armed forces to the houses of terrorist Pakistani citizens in various parts of the jungle... err state. Political system was well in place and there was no uncertainty n anxiety in the nation abt wht will happen, everyone was certain tht nothin is gonna happen. Musharraf is not gonna go, n y shld he go, he is elected as a king by the ppl elected by animals... err people of Pakistan. But when the judicial activism showed a bit of hope to the insects of the country tht they can ask someone tht some loyal slaves of the King are disturbing them, they started gettin uncertain. This was the beginning of treason. I mean the loyal slaves now cannot pick any animal from his home without telling him the charges against him. This was too bad, they r authorized by the 'elected king' to pick, beat, kill or do anything they want to do with any animal they like. Who gave the judges the authority to stand in their way? This moved the country to a state of uncertainty.

Moreover the judiciary has been playin 'games' with the King who never played games with the insects livin in the jungle... by not promisin to remove the uniform more than 1 times and not takin the uniform off.

So the king thought of a solution... remove every judge capable of givin hope to the insects of civil society, stop the ppl who respect them, beat everyone who wants them to stay. This was inevitable for the Elected King to impose martial law... err 'emergency'. H.E. was not willing to do so, his heart wept, he felt drowned but for the sake of common insects in Pakistan, for the sovereignty of the country it was mandatory to impose the Law of Jungle.

Now the country is in a 'certain' state, everyone knows tht emergency has been imposed, no one has any rights, every citizen knows tht his future is in safe hands of the elected king. So the act of the King was just.

So there is no need to protest, we r justified in stayin home n not participatin in any protests... dont think, stay home, have a cup of coffee watch a tv show, sit back, relax, sleep, get up n goto work again. keep goin in this cycle n feel tht u r free. Enjoy the law of jungle.

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