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Monday, November 5, 2007

Emergency it is!!!

Emergency it sure is, but only declared and dictated by one mad man. Do we believe him really? This one emergency demands and deserves another emergency in return. We should declare emergency within our thoughts, whatever we're doing in our "oh so important" lives, we should just kindly stop for a while, and declare an emergency on our thought process and think hard as to what we're actually doing. What's this life for, in the first place? What are the most important things?

If we're not bold enough to think on our own, as is the case with most of the people, then kindly, for a change, talk to people who do seem to have a view of their own. Give them a chance. More than anything else, it's time to be honest with our own selves. What is it that we're running after in life? Why are those things important? Are those things so important as to the fact that they've convinced us to become cowards for the time being; for who is a coward if not the person who remains motionless and silent in testing times.

Getting angry at the situation is the first step. How can we still be so apathetic? What are we waiting for? A messiah? Well then:

Khuda nay aaj tak uss kaum ki haalat nahin badli
Na ho jiss ko khayyal aap apni haalat kay badalnay ka

If you think we alone can't make any difference:

Afraad kay haathon mey hai aqwaam ki taqdeer
Har fard hai millat key muqaddar ka sitarah

If you thought this is an emergency only now and we were free before:

Mulla ko jo hai hind mey sajday ki ijazzat
Nadaan samjhta hai kay Azaad ha Islam

This is the time we think really hard, as to who we are, and what we believe in. If we believe in any God or thing other than money, this is the time to prove it then!!!


Zeeshan Ali Rana said...

addin on to wht we shld do:

Aa tujhko batata hoon taqdeer-e-umam kia hai
Shamsheer-o-Sina' awwal, taaus-o- rubab aakhir

means this 'so important' comfortable life is secondary... this is the destiny of a nation...

Akeel said...

Thats amazing, it really quaked me. We do have to change the way we think and Juni rightly said that we need to declare 'emergency' in the preferences of our own life and then let the world listen to you.

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