You have to stand guard over the development and maintenance of democracy, social justice and the equality of mankind in your own native soil. [Mohammed Ali Jinnah]

Monday, November 5, 2007

New Pakistan

musharraf forgot tht Pakistan has now changed... this is relatively aware Pakistan now... this time ppl wont keep quiet... this imposition is a blessing in disguise... this is a chance to show our love to the country, grab this opportunity and join hands with each other to stand united and strong as a nation, for there is no revolution without the show of solidarity, to free ur country... stand up NOW

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Akeel said...

Yeah you are right that this movement is a blessing as it gives us the opportunity to throw the Generals out of their offices and make sure in future no other 'Armed' personnel is able to put the constitution in abeyance. And we also must not forget that we have to be aware of the black sheeps, they will try to disguise us under the slogan "we are fighting for democracy, thats why we made the deal". These elements will destroy our faith by doing the job of fifth columnist (and they have lot of experience in doing this).