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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Govt. to lift ban on third time premiership

Source: GEO News

LAHORE: The government has decided to lift ban on holding the prime minister’s office for third time, sources said. An ordinance has been prepared to lift ban on holding the premiership for third time, high placed sources in the federal government said. The ordinance will be enacted along with lifting of the emergency rule. The law will be enacted through a presidential decree, sources further said.

In the upcoming constitutional package various new laws will be introduced including the issue of judges salaries and pensions, the sources added.

At least now we can have a clue of why "some" political parties are not paying much attention on the people's demand for "reinstatement of pre November 3rd judiciary". These are bunch of businessmen who only know how to maximize their personal benefit they has nothing to do with the people kind of creature, though they keep talking about 'awam' (people) and 'jamhooriat' (democracy) but ...

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junyDada said...

baighairat!!! that's the only decent word for these blood suckers. I wish the whole country starts addressing these mohtarams and mohtarmas with this decent word.... baighairat!!!

Jani dushman said...

you mean we have to change the "baighairat" oriented chanting as:
"Yeh wardi walle - baigharat", "Yeh deal walle - baighairat", "Yeh Mohtarma bhi tuo - baighairat", "Yeh Mian bhi tuo - baighairat", "Yeh chor luteeray - baighairat" etc.