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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pakistan votes for Israeli resolution


Pakistan on Tuesday surprised the Muslim nations by voting for a resolution sponsored by Israel in a committee of the UN General Assembly. Most Muslim countries abstained.

Although the resolution sponsored by Israel and European nations related to “agricultural technology for development,” most Arab envoys said that until the issue of occupied territories was resolved, they cannot support any Israeli-sponsored resolution.

The resolution was adopted with 118 in favour and 29 abstentions. Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman hailed the adoption of the resolution saying that a new spirit of cooperation existed among member states. He chastised South Africa for voting against the resolution.

No one from the Pakistan mission was available to comment on the vote. Pakistan’s UN Ambassador Munir Akram was away in Bali (Indonesia) to attend the UN climate change meeting.

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junyDada said...

this is the least that the IMF owned countries have to do: vote in the interest of US and Israel at UN conventions. And those individuals who think that the mohtarma who is coming through the backing of US or mohtaram who is coming through the aashirwaad of Saudi king (another pet of US), if they think that these people are going to be able to make any independent decisions for the interest of pakistan, i think they are being most naive. See the documentary please. have some respect for your own individuality, please.