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Friday, December 14, 2007

Armed Forces guardian of national integrity: General Tariq Majid

Source: Dawn

ISLAMABAD, Dec 13 (APP): The Armed Forces are the guardian of national integrity and a symbol of unity of Pakistan and, with the support of the people, are fully capable to meet all challenges to the security of the country, said General Tariq Majid, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee while chairing the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee meetingThursday. The meeting reviewed the overall security environment with special emphasis on evolving geo-political dynamics

He rightly mentioned that "with the support of the people" ... but the real question is that how he is planning to gain "the support of the people" ? It is very unfortunate that due to the hostile policies of army, gaps between the people and the army is increasing with the passage of time and it is neither desireable nor acceptable. Now Tariq Majeed and Kiyani have the great responsibility to fill this gap. Right now Army is becoming the symbol of "DIS-INTEGRATION" of the country's anatomy. It must be stopped, Army should only concern with its professional responsibilities.

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