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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Police campaigning for PML-Q!

Police at work in Lahore. If you needed visual proof of pre-poll rigging here it is. The bicycle is the
symbol of Musharraf’s PML Q. So much for Musharraf's claims about fair elections! Every instrument of state will be used to ensure the results are according to Musharraf's plan, his life depends on it as he knows he violated Article 6.

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Mohammad Ali said...

Well it's an open secret now, Definitely police is being used for former(I would say still) ruling PML Q, and I doubt that other departments aren't ebing used.

Anther example of using governmental setup is that in consituency of Moonis Elahi (The Crown prince of Punjab), all the local government Nazim's are showing their support by hoisting banners in his favour.

It is being done all over the country, NAZIM (the elected local government head of his union council/ tehsil/ district) are showing support for ruling politcial parites i.e. for PML Q, MQM, JUI-F.

How can you hold a "Free & Fair" elections in such an environment????

Zeeshan Ali Rana said...

adding to ali's comment... we know tht the elections wont be fair n free n we also know tht these r not elections... but knowin all this ppl r still fighting elections :( n insisting tht all shld fight... shame on those who r contesting this time n specially those who did not cooperate to make a united opposition by boycotting on large scale... laalchi, khudgharz

btw ho sakta hai police wala isko utar raha ho yaar :P adalat k hukam per...