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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Long March and preparation by Government.

There is no need to tell about the preparation of lawyers, students, political parties and civil society. But, the most impressive preparation are going on by Government.
They started by doubling the salaries of Islamabad police. Then they gave orders to the DPOs of all the districts that their job depends on their performance during Long March. And they seems to stick with what they said as they fired one SP in Gujranwala.
They have decided to seal Islamabad for two days.
So, there are multiple circles of blockage. city is sealed, people will be arrested from G.T road, people will be tried to stop at the edges. On top of that Govt. has threatened all fast food places and others to not to give food to Long March people. All rest houses in Islamabad are also instructed to not give places to attendees. So, lets hope govt. stay only this insane :P.

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