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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PPP old-school irked over Governor Rule & Opposition to Long March

While it is no secret that after assuming PPP leadership & becoming president Mr. Zardari has side-lined the former prominent members of BB erra and placed his assosciates on key positions i.e. Governor Punjab, Advisor on Interior Ministry and now the Chairman Senate.

This was supposed to have irked the former active and prominent members, but it has started to surface now, more than ever, that they are being irked and oppose the iron-fist tactics of Mr. Zardari.

Resignation of Mr. Razza Rabbani, Enver Baig, the vocal opposition and arrest orders of Naheed Khan & Fakhr, The oppostion of Makhdoom Amin Faheem and in-party sympathies of MNA's with him & most importantly indifferent stand of PM Yousuf Raza Gillni on mobile courts, his recent adresses in National Assemble expressing concerns over opposition of Long March are all indicators that for the first time in 40 year history of PPP, an internal pressure in building up against the party leadership.

PML-N & Nawaz Shareef's policy of targetting Zardari rather than PPP in general seems to have been carefully thought of, and is paying off. He provided the old-school members with a position to support the Lawyers movement and his stance on Punjab Govt. crisis, while at the same time starting an active public movement.

It still remians to be seen, however, how this will effect the events of 16th March. A miraclous executive order from PM, or involvement of resenting members of PPP in long march might still be a long-shot, but possibility is more than ever!

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