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Thursday, January 31, 2008

China's weapons exceed self-defense needs: US military

WASHINGTON, Jan 29 (AFP) -The United States said Monday it was “troubling” that China's weapons systems capability exceeded the level Beijing defined as necessary for self-defence. The head of the US armed forces in the Asia-Pacific, Admiral Timothy Keating, said the United States had “intelligence that reinforces my opinion that China is developing, fielding and has in place weapons that could be characterized as having, amongst perhaps other purposes, an ability to restrict movement in and around certain areas on the sea, in the air or under the sea. “I'll go back to the point we made a couple of times already -- that we understood PRC (China's) intentions, not just their transparency, not just the fact that these weapons exist. We know they exist,” he said.

I am confused ... why US military is always worried about others ? Don't they have weapons more than their requirements ? Don't they have forces deployed around the globe ? and more importantly Why they have forces deployed around the globe ? To protect American 'interests' ? They bombard Iraq in a preemptive attack because they might had weapon of mass destructions ... Isn't it true that US has lot more weapons of mass destructions than anyone else in the world ? If having weapon of mass destructions is a crime then America is a biggest criminal ... if having intentions of attacking on some country is a crime (like they said in case of Iraq) then once again America is a biggest criminal because they have plans to attack of Iran, Syria, Sudan etc.

Do we know any other state such a shameless and unethical?